We Provide Motivation for Positive Life Change.

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Intuitive Enterprises, LLC is designed for Motivation to Engage in Positive Life Change. 


The Intuitive Expo 2019

Step into the MOTIVATION of our yearly conference, The Intuitive Expo.

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May 5, 2019



Speakers and Workshops SOLD OUT May 2019

Aimed at Motivating POSITIVE LIFE CHANGE. Whether it's education, awakening, transformation or guidance you seek, we are here to connect you to resources for success.

Meet Our May Keynote Speakers May 2019.

Wake Up Your Soul

Speaking Event

Join Us As a Transformational Speaker, Break-Out Session Speaker, Vendor or Reader/Healer

Nov 3, 2019 SYR

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Transformation Speaking Event & Expo.


WE are THE INTUITIVE Connection for Positive Change In Your LIfe& Business

what we do


The Intuitive Expo is designed by Dr. Pam and Randy Denton as a conference for positive life change. Why intuition? It is the connector to positive flow. We want to influence and impact lives by creating waves of positive change and deep transformation. This is a conference filled with speakers, workshops, healers, readers and vendors that create a DAY power packed exploration. Interested in being a vendor? Click to APPLY here.


Join us for an inner experience of positive life change through the power of intuition. Listen to inspirational and educational speakers on our panel and workshop with leaders in the fields of professional and personal development and alternative healing. Explore intuition in a sacred location with top leaders in the industry and Dr. Pam Denton.


Learn more about your intuitive powers and become a spiritual coach to bring your business the next level with this training. Dr. Pam leads Doctors, healers, and intuitive leaders to become powerful practitioners well versed in spiritual science, clinical practices and leadership. Includes Intuitive Business Boot-camp for aligning your business branding with the power of manifestation.


Wake Up Your Soul! A high performance motivator Dr. Pam, motivational speaker, facilitates positive waves of change for your business and leadership team by connecting mind-body to transformation. She provides new insight and action for teams and large audiences for immediate awakening that inspires action. Her ability to intuitively tap in to the group energy creates an atmosphere of immediate trust and passion for conscious change in your community.

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Get your power packed experience of Pam, live and unplugged. Pam’s show includes live morning motivation to Wake Up Your Soul PLUS Interviews with people who have overcome some of life’s toughest challenges by following higher guidance and applying Mind-Body medicine to their life. At Pam’s Wake Up Your Soul Transformation Speaking Event she shares the stage with amazing leaders who are ready to share their story with the world.


Join the FUN! The Intuitive Happy Hour is designed to give you a time-out away from the stress and tension to explore the intuitive path with readers, music and vendors. Includes meditation and yoga at some events for you to explore the deeper parts of your intuition and mind-body connection. Come and play with us! Designed for intuitive play and a night out the happy hours are fun surges of empowerment for your intuitive path.




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