About Us


About the intuitive expo founders

We help people access positive power! 

We are Amazing Collaborators with change makers, transformers, and out of the box thinkers.

The Intuitive Expo is designed by Dr. Pam and Randy Denton as a community for positive life change and is now evolving into a bigger vision of amazing Transformation Keynote Speakers. We want to influence and impact lives by creating waves of positive change and conscious transformation.

We want YOU to walk away wanting MORE positive life change!  

What makes our Expo unique?

We are built on the philosophy that intuition, trusting and stepping forward fearlessly while following your higher self guidance and inner knowing, is the fast forward to positive life change. Your intuition is the part of you that knows you are amazing.  Your intuition knows you have purpose.  Your intuition will get you unstuck and on path to prosperity and flow. Your intuition will show you the way to abundance.

Join us and let's make some positive waves of change!



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