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Soul Work Leader ONLINE Study- For Personal and Professional Transformation

A deep study of soul work and evolution. Weekly interaction with Dr. Pam online, this class runs as a membership with a monthly commitment and fee. Many soul work tools applied in a strategic way for your abundant break through to the life and business you want! Learn how to work with your soul to get the most out of your intuitive process. Topics include spiritual guidance, akashic record meditations, light activation, DNA rewrite, Spiritual genetics and much more, PLUS deep meditation. Meets Wednesday at 7pm EST and a daily time TBD. For more click here.

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Training | Intuition as Medicine

Join Dr. Pam Denton for a day of therapeutic application of intuition for health and healing. This training is designed to increase your awareness of the innate healing wisdom for immediate life change, a process Pam calls fast forwarding through stuck.

Intuition as Medicine is a way for you to learn how to heighten awareness through intuition by listening to the natural messages that the body sends and following the intuitive guidance and energy.  In this process Pam will help you align your mind with intuitive messages so that healing can happen.

Dr. Pam will show you how your body knows how to heal but is blocked by stress and tension. Her in depth knowledge of how to release tension nervous system will give you the tools you need to immediately apply intuition as medicine to your clients.

This is an interactive workshop where you will be guided to utilize intuitive wisdom of the body-mind consciousness through meditation. Dr. Pam will lead you through intuitive meditative exercises to enhance the natural healing powers of the body for overall wellness.

Pam conducts in depth analysis of clients and shares case histories so you can create treatment plans and know how using intuition can advance your practice.  You will have the chance to use your intuition to evaluate your client in a way that reaches deeper into their soul healing process. 

You will spend much of the workshop experiencing the power of intuition by learning to observe body rhythms and feelings, breathing patterns, and body signals-energies through deep meditation.  By learning to read your own body's messages you will be able to apply this knowledge to your clients.

Intuition as Medicine is an amazing experience for healing practitioners to activate natural healing and energy flow in your clients' lives. You will have the chance to work directly with Dr. Pam and learn how to channel source energy so you can receive universal energy and guide others to do the same as a healer. And participate in the learning process and analysis of physiological and quality of life shifts that originate directly from your care.

Dr. Pam will teach you about the science of intuition and take you through exercises to demonstrate healing protocols for your clients.  The in depth approach to this training will teach you how people can use intuition to release tension, create calm, find life purpose, take control of their health, and develop ownership of their own healing process. 

This class is applicable for healers, health care professionals, yoga teachers, intuitive guides, and people searching for deeper healing.









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4:00 PM16:00

The Intuitive Experience

The Intuitive ExperienceA Speaker Panel with Workshops AND intuitive readers, healers and vendors expo style.  The Experience is a smaller and more intimate workshop expo, where we focus on guiding you with specific intuitive and awakening tools and information. All of the elements of the bigger Expos are available to you in a safe and supportive environment of awakening and transformation.  It's a Workshop and Speaking event PLUS an Expo.

The Panel: Join us for an amazing educational and inspirational evening where you have the opportunity to learn about Leading Your Intuitive Life with our expert panel. The facilitated panel is a workshop experience where the speakers will share stories and techniques that help inspire you to awaken to the power of intuition We will take you on a Mind, Body and Spirit inner journey to connect with your intuition.  And give you tools and tips for trusting your intuitive life.  Group Intuitive readings available during this part of the experience. Panel Experts:  Dr. Pam Denton, Holly Goodwin, Tina Conroy, Dr. Deanna Berman and Amy Bliss.

Tickets $30 Pre-sale Register Now

Panel is from 4-5:30pm. Please arrive promptly at 3:45pm for seating.

4-9pm you will have the chance to experience workshops, readings and healing from experts (additional costs could apply) in the field of spirituality, energy medicine, health/wellness and intuition. Expert healers and readers will be available for you to explore and interact with on a deeper level. Vendors will be available with intuitive tools to purchase, such as essential oils, crystals and jewelry.

The Intuitive Expo: This is an opportunity for you to experience intuition and dive deeper into your soul purpose. Join us for an experience of positive life change. Listen to inspirational and educational speakers and network with leaders in the fields of professional and personal development and alternative healing. Explore intuition, and receive readings with psychics, mediums and intuitive readers. Interact with Healers and receive sessions in our Healing spaces. (fees applied for some services at event.)

Panel of Speakers: Dr. Pam Denton, Dr. Deanna Berman, Holly Goodwin, Tina Conroy, Amy Bliss

Workshops: Essential Oils, Chakras, Meditation, Yoga

Vendors: TBA

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10:00 AM10:00

Angel Channeling Circle-NYC

Join Dr. Pam Denton for an interactive experience with Angelic Realm.  Learn powerful meditations for connecting to Angel Healing and Guidance. 

Angels are a big part of our guidance and Pam leads a powerful meditation series that opens you to receive guidance and healing.

Learn how to use the three intentions of Open, Allow and Receive to build a relationship with Angels. Crystals, Spiritual Guidance and Cards used as well to help in your practices. 


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11:00 AM11:00

HER Circle for Abundance

HER Circle is for women who want to clear your abundance path and build a stronger relationship with female leadership in life.  This is a Law of Attraction Circle where we will drill down into your soul purpose and remove abundance blocks.

You know you are right for this moment because you have a deep core feeling that you deserve/want more out of life and business. You have a message and mission you want to monetize. Or you are in a transition and want to clarify your path. And you want to be guided by a higher spirituality.

You believe in the power of possibility and you want the tools to attract. We will be working the Law of Attraction.

To cultivate power, women must take an inward journey to discover what makes us power filled.  Our success cannot be spoon-fed, told, or delivered to us by the outside world. We must go inward and create a belief system that tunes us into our ultimate abundant power and true potential – our innate feminine wisdom.

The empowerment process in many cases is blocked by our story, many times encoded with pain and trauma. The process to gain and access power requires women to move beyond the old stories holding us back and engage in our MONEY truth. To do this you need love, real love and a heart centered approach where you feel safe.

At the Circle you will learn how to be guided by the universal powers through meditation, breath-work and sisterhood. Pam will guide you to connect and channel, while feeling safe to express yourself fully with your walls down. A channeled experience where you will learn:

  • Practices for abundance consciousness upgrades to apply immediately

  • How you can create a practice to release old stories and patterns and heal

  • How to face Your abundance blocks and move beyond them in community with support

  • Value and deserving exercises that move the roadblocks from your success

  • Gain Sisterhood for empowerment of deserving and value

  • Own your VALUE inside out

Join Us the Night Before For Project Woman Collaborative Gathering and Meet the Leaders!

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7:00 PM19:00

The Intuitive Channeling Circle

Do you wonder what it feels like to be given specific INTUITIVE information that moves you forward on your path of life with clear guidance, the type of guidance you do not question, fear or doubt?

Enter the sacred space of CIRCLE, for awakening transformation, where you can easily connect in the safety of community. Register Here:

There is a level of spiritual receptivity that moves you, it pushes you, it informs you and it heals you. This receptivity is what we call positive flow and comes through connecting to your higher self intuition. In order to receive this information from what I call higher self guidance aka “spirit” you have to open your channel and re-connect.

The Intro to channeling is designed for you to experience CONSCIOUS channeling, the art of spiritual receptivity. And in the safety of community circle you will learn to trust your own intuition.

Join Dr. Pam who will lead you through intuitive exercises and conscious channeling learn how to open up and receive Intuitive connection and guidance to clear your path and open you to information vital to your life and healing.

This circle is at a private residence.  Please prepay and register and address will be provided.

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6:00 PM18:00

Pam Speaks NYC | Break through Your Money Blocks to Play Big

Join Dr. Pam at EBW- Empowering a Billion Women- for a facilitated talk that will lead you to break through money blocks to turn on self value and flow. 

Dr. Pam Denton who will lead us in an interactive discussion to reveal 10 money blocks that sabotage women from playing big in business and making more money. As she uncovers the truth about the female mindset, Pam will provide you with daily practices that eliminate mindset blocks from your life and foster an abundance consciousness - what she calls FLOW. 

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