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The Intuitive Channeling Circle

  • Upper West Side Manhattan, NY (map)

Do you wonder what it feels like to be given specific INTUITIVE information that moves you forward on your path of life with clear guidance, the type of guidance you do not question, fear or doubt?

Enter the sacred space of CIRCLE, for awakening transformation, where you can easily connect in the safety of community. Register Here:

There is a level of spiritual receptivity that moves you, it pushes you, it informs you and it heals you. This receptivity is what we call positive flow and comes through connecting to your higher self intuition. In order to receive this information from what I call higher self guidance aka “spirit” you have to open your channel and re-connect.

The Intro to channeling is designed for you to experience CONSCIOUS channeling, the art of spiritual receptivity. And in the safety of community circle you will learn to trust your own intuition.

Join Dr. Pam who will lead you through intuitive exercises and conscious channeling learn how to open up and receive Intuitive connection and guidance to clear your path and open you to information vital to your life and healing.

This circle is at a private residence.  Please prepay and register and address will be provided.