Intuitive Practitioner

intuitive practitioner


Do you feel the spiritual calling in your professional healing or coaching practice?  

I too had the same calling as a Chiropractor and in 2001 I answered the calling to flow with my spirit and follow what I call guidance. My higher guidance taught me that there was far more to the body than physical.  And that in order to evolve the heart center we would have to call in the spiritual energies as practitioners. This training is a full integration of physical and Spiritual.

Initially, when I began my intuitive career as a Chiropractor, my job was to
release the stress and tension of a burdened nervous system. This would open
up life force, i.e. the flow of this innate intelligence.

And as I practiced this on my patients, my own ability to communicate with
spirit and higher guidance stepped in to lead the way. I quickly realized I
wanted to use my 6th sense to help people connect and communicate to their
real reason for being on earth, which is NOT to live with negativity and pain!

Along my path as a Chiropractic Physician working with the physical body –
and later as a Medium – I learned that I was to lead professionals to obtain the knowledge and confidence of leading a spiritual and transformational practice.