The Intuitive Expo

The Intuitive Expo


The Intuitive Expo is for POSITIVE LIFE Change!  

Join us for a full day to explore awakening experiences and education to enhance your overall life, health, business and family.

Kick Off the event with us May 4, 2019 at 5:30pm Happy Hour and Speaking with Keynotes. TICKETS & More Here

We open at 9am-10:00am with the Keynote Speakers: Dr. Pam Denton, Tina Conroy and Laura Ponticello, experts in the field of intuition speaking on "Intuition Guides Your Positive Life Change."

The Expo is open 9am-4pm.

During the day: Listen to positive life change speakers, participate in workshops and network with leaders in the fields of professional and personal transformation. Explore intuitive sessions, and receive readings with spiritual guides, psychics, mediums and intuitives. Interact with Healers and receive healing for your body, emotions and spirit. (Some service fees applied by readers and healers.)

Tickets are Free up until April 5, 2019

After April 5, 2019 fee is $5

Tickets include:

Motivational speakers PLUS workshops

Spiritual educators, intuitive healers, professional development coaches and wellness specialists

Personal development information and products

Nutrition and Personal Fitness

Wellness Products, aromatherapy, yoga and meditation information.

Psychic Readers, Mediums


Learn about the latest life transformation tools, spiritual guidance pathways, wellness products and solutions from leading exhibitors.

Make this your day!!